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Say When Grizzly Chai

Say When Grizzly Chai

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Say When’s focus is to deliver the most authentic chai experience in the most convenient and environmentally conscious way possible. That’s why Say When chai is handcrafted with real whole organic spices the old fashioned way, and then reduced to a 3:1 concentration. Enjoy perfectly spiced chai in every feel-good cup!

We’ve slashed the sweetness in half, for this extra spiced chai. It’s perfect for getting creative with your flavoured chai lattes while not over-sweetening the drink. Or, simply enjoy as a bold yet less sweet chai that appeals to a modern, more health-conscious palate.

Ingredients: an infusion of (water, black tea leaves*, crushed cinnamon*, dried ginger*, star anise pods*, cardamom seeds*, cracked black pepper*), cane sugar*, and lemon juice*.
(* Organic)


32 fl oz

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